The Loughwood Story

We pride ourselves

on looking long-term.

From ensuring that our products are of such quality that they serve our customers happy for a generation, to the environmentally friendly nature of the fencing we use, we always have an eye on the future.  All our timber is sourced from carefully managed forests in Sweden, which have been inspected and certified to ensure their sustainability. We also sell products that are made to last for decades to ensure that the trees we use are put to the best possible use, and only the minimum amount are felled.  The creosoted timber used in all our products is unpalatable to livestock, including horses, which reduces the risk of your new fence being chewed upon.

Not only that, but all our creosote is applied using pressure treatment, which is used on telegraph poles and railway sleepers because of its effectiveness in preserving timber that is constantly exposed to the elements. Wood impregnated with creosote can last more than 50 years without maintenance. The creosote treatment protects against microbes causing the wood to rot and stops the fence absorbing water. That means it is equally hard for the weather to damage a Loughwood fence as it is for your livestock.

Our customers from the Republic of Ireland could be entitled to a government grant to fund or partially fund their purchase since our products have been approved by the National Standards Association for Ireland.

We are approved to supply farm fencing under the NSAI’s specification 436:2007. NSAI inspectors have visited our forests in Sweden to confirm that our products meet the agreed standards for the type of timber, size and diameter of the wood, timber preservatives and method of pre-treatment drying used.