Loughwood Post & Rails

Made to have

a Long Service Life.

Our Post and Rail fencing combines the timeless appearance of the traditional wooden fence with the latest production and preservation technology to create a product that looks at home in agricultural and rural settings, but it also made to have a long service life.


Post and Rail Fencing Used for:

  • Farm Property
  • All Equestrian uses;
  • Paddocks, Sand Pens, Arenas, Walk Ways
  • The quality of the appearance is not to be underestimated. Our fencing enhances properties where it is used and often increases the value of that property.
  • The fencing is made using quality timber felled from sustainable Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) forests in Sweden. All felled logs go through a modern production line and quality assurance process to guarantee the high standard of timber that goes on to make our fences.
  • Once the timber has been machined into the precise lengths for the Post and Rail fencing, it is dried in a specially-built kiln. It is then ready to be impregnated with creosote – one of the key reasons Loughwood fences have longer lives than other fences.
  • Our Post and Rail fencing is pressure creosoted. This treatment has proven to be the most effective and reliable preservative for timber that is being used outdoors, and also has the added bonus of deterring livestock from chewing the timber of your new fence.